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Clear Panel for Hazchem Display c/w Fittings
Clear 4mm sheet of UV-stabilised PVC complete with four catch plates and two stainless steel butt..
£31.24 Ex Tax: £31.24
Clear Panel for Hazchem Display Systems Only
Clear 4mm sheet of UV-stabilised PVC. ..
£19.00 Ex Tax: £19.00
Hazchem Tricode Locking Button (Conversion)
The captive thumbwheel is a spare for the Hazchem Tricode System and as a replacement produc..
£5.35 Ex Tax: £5.35
Hazchem Tricode Refurb Kit
Black vinyl 100mm die-cut letters and numbers complete with carrier material and pre-masking. Con..
£6.50 Ex Tax: £6.50
Hinge for ABS Holder
Stainless steel butt hinges with phophor bronze riveted pins 3" x 14g with 4 plain holes and radi..
£3.38 Ex Tax: £3.38
Turnbuckle for Hazchem Display Systems
Manufactured from cast alloy with chrome finish. ..
£3.69 Ex Tax: £3.69
Complete Set of Triplex Digits & Letters
Consists of 4 each of numbers 1, 2, 3 & 4 plus 3 each of numbers 5, 6, 7, 8 , 9 and 0&nb..
£129.25 Ex Tax: £129.25